Two worlds merge Stadtcasino Basel

Internationally renowned for its excellent acoustics, the music hall of the Stadtcasino Basel is one of the oldest and most important music halls in Europe. A large part of Basel's cultural life takes place here and in the Hans Huber Hall.

The lighting concept – based on the music hall – is characterised by hierarchies and the relationship to the adjacent rooms. The restoration and upgrading of the existing chandeliers and eccentric wall luminaires are individually tailored to the various rooms’ unique features. While in the Hans Huber Hall, for example, the existing crystal chandeliers are restored and lighting concentration is directed towards the room’s outer shell, in the Music Hall, the focus lies on the centre of the room. Towards the foyer, the same lighting language is used to create two faithful replicas of the original chandeliers hanging one above the other. The lighting concept connects the different room characters and underscores the overall architectural picture.

Casino-Gesellschaft Basel
Herzog & de Meuron, Basel
Foto: © Roman Weyeneth
Foto: © Roman Weyeneth
Foto: © Roman Weyeneth
Foto: © Roman Weyeneth