The heart of the cross-city line – SBB Löwenstrasse Bahnhof Ost, Zurich

At the level of Langstrasse, the diameter line dips into the new, four-lane through station Löwenstrasse. Compared with today's platform systems in the underground Museumstrasse station (tracks 41 to 44), the new Löwenstrasse station has wider platforms, numerous and spacious staircases, and state-of-the-art safety equipment. With a corresponding architectural lighting design, the city connection blends harmoniously into the existing ShopVille and thus forms a dignified continuation of Zurich's main train station.

The intention of the lighting planning was to adapt the shopping and passage area to the daylight – in addition to the visitor guidance and orientation as the most important materialization parameters. They were designed to be bright and almost clinical, while the platform floor is enveloped in an earthier, warmer, almost golden environment.

Only three specially developed lights were used on the entire area of over 100,000 m², which take on the functions of room dramaturgy, orientation, illumination and room information.

SBB AG, Infrastruktur
Dürig AG, Zurich
German Lighting Design Award 2016 in the Transportation Buildings category; Prix Lumière 2016