To health Kantonsspital Münsterlingen, Renovation 3i

The Spitalcampus Münsterlingen developed from the former monastery appears as a striking structure on the shores of Lake Constance.

The current new building in the very east of the area includes the outpatient clinics and the intensive care unit on the ground floor. The eight new operating theaters are on the upper floor. As a functional innovation, the booths for preparation and follow-up are no longer in front of the individual operating theaters but are grouped in the middle of the building between two atriums.

The lighting planning includes the operating wing, technical rooms, care facilities, bed rooms, the treatment wing as well as office rooms.

Lighting effects and spatial effects play a significant role here. The orientation of visitors and patients should work flawlessly. Accents are set in such a way that the information, as well as the dramaturgy of the room, appear accordingly. It was also imperative to create a cozy atmosphere. Patients, visitors, and employees find a pleasant lighting climate and ambiance in which light colors and their color rendering play an essential role.

Hochbau Stadt Thurgau
Stoffel Schneider Architects, Weinfelden