Schmucker Park Baloise Park construction field B, Basel

The "Baloise Park", which combines the headquarters of the insurance company of the same name with a hotel and other office space, is located at the SBB train station in the direction of Aeschenplatz, which makes it the calling card of the city of Basel. It consists of three buildings that only share one thing in common – their rib-like facade structure.

The design for the 34 meters high new headquarters of Baloise AG comes from the architects Diener & Diener and impresses with its free and uninhibited facade structure. The front view is unique in its design because eight floors are hidden behind the four rows of large-format curved glasses, which create an exciting play with the light due to their convex shape
The lighting concept is intended to emphasize the unique structure of the facade. Inside the building, you find yourself in the modern world of a palazzo. The small-scale lighting, cleverly arranged into larger shapes, adorns and simultaneously integrates filigree into the open ceiling structure, reinvents the chandelier in a modern way, and guarantees flexibility for different room types.

Basler Leben AG
Diener & Diener Architects AG, Basel