An exceptional experience – Arena Cinemas Stücki Park, Basel

Opened in 2021, Arena Cinemas offers Stücki Park visitors an XXL entertainment experience: with 14 cinemas, but also the first hyper-bowling centre in Switzerland, a Fun Park with snack bar, 4 billiard and air-hockey tables, darts, arcade and pinball games, as well as an area for little ones, it makes the hearts of young and old flutter.

The foot-traffic areas form the connecting element and are illuminated by circular luminaires designed exclusively for Arena Cinemas. These have a triple function in one: a diffused lighting ring provides the base brightness, individual spotlights with a very narrow beam create a dramatic pattern on the floor, and the light colour reflects Arena Cinemas’ corporate identity. With their sophisticated effect, these luminaires act as a discreet link between the different theatres and the surrounding areas.

Thanks to this unique lighting which runs like a common thread from the entrance to the exit, a visit to this cinema complex offers an exceptional experience from the very first moment.

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