A huge spectacle for the crowd at the Luzern stadium

The volume of the stadium with its soft shapes without sharp corners gives the area its particular shape. The ensemble will become a landmark of the city of Lucerne through an identity-creating measure.

The outside space, which is defined by these structures, seamlessly connects the stadium area with the level of the common area. The expansion of the surroundings is condensed in the size of the building and leads to the park-like areas in front of the entrance zone.

Mast spotlights in the outside area ensure an even carpet of light on the stadium facade. Due to the luminance generated in this way, the facade has the desired effect from a distance. Pendant lights in the walkway provide a diffuse colored light on the back wall. These two levels create an exciting play of light.

Halter AG Zurich
Daniele Marques SA, Iwan Bühler, Lucerne