Exquisite light for luxurious jewelry Meister 1881, Zurich

Tradition, style, competence and trust have been inextricably linked with the Meister 1881 jewelry store since it was founded. Discreetly elegant, like the name, the newly designed shop is in a prime location on Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse. Just as stylish is the lighting concept, which sets the scene for fine jewelry and watches.

Wide-beam, recessed downlights provide the essential lighting. The decorative light of the pendulum glass spheres has a restrained effect and directs the customers' attention to the table, showcasing the middle of the sales area. An essential element of the lighting concept in the table showcases are very filigree, swiveling LED profiles that have been integrated almost invisibly into the narrow metal bracket. Minimalist LED chips act as light carriers. The light is directed straight onto the pieces of jewelery and makes their brilliance sparkle in countless facets. The downlights in the standing and wall cabinets are specially glare-free to ensure glare-free insights here as well.

In the shop windows, the unique combination of alternating warm and cold white light underlines the great color spectrum of the most diverse gemstones and precious metals. The light points of the LED profiles, which are precisely colored to match the shop window, are barely visible; Here, too, the exquisite pieces of jewelery remain an eye-catcher. For new shop window designs, the light can be directed very flexibly to the respective exhibits.

Meister 1881, Zurich
Andrin Schweizer Company, Zurich