The choice in artificial light is enormous. It is therefore all the more important to have comprehensive know-how about the effects of artificial light, its qualities and applications. This is what distinguishes our professional lighting design and lighting planning.
Concept Sketch.
Concept Sketch.

Light creates the real world.

Without light, we can not perceive our surroundings nor visually capture them. Light gives objects shape, links space with form and color with surface. Light itself is not object-like; only when it touches and reflects an object, can you really see and feel it.

Spaces that work, enliven.

With the “material” light, we create perceptual conditions and spatial effects that respond to people's needs and activities, promote their well-being and make the environment an aesthetic experience. Physical and technical knowledge is the basis on which we develop innovative solutions that are characterized by clarity and simplicity.

The light vision shows the whole.

If you want to illuminate indoor and outdoor spaces optimally, you have to proceed holistically. This requires a vision that involves architects, builders and users to form a dialogue. Central parameters such as the formulation of requirements, specifications and services according to SIA 108/112 phase 1 to 6 are included.

Advice brings quality with added value.

Builders, users and architects benefit from our comprehensive advice and extensive knowledge that is constantly growing. As advisors, we have a constructive exchange with everyone involved. This not only results in added value, it also advances the project and ensures that the desired quality is achieved.

  • Assistance in developing unique spatial perceptions and effects

  • Advisory project support

  • Technical lighting advice for luminaire developments

  • Quality assurance and control

  • Benefit analyzes

  • Profitability calculations

  • Photometric measurements

  • Expertise

  • Training

  • Life cycle cost calculations